Selena Gomez reconciles with her mum after splitting from Justin Bieber (Photo)

Selena Gomez reconciles with her mum after splitting from Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has reconciled with her mother after breaking up with Justin Bieber.

Selena and Justin broke up in March 2018, only a few months after they rekindled their romance last year.


At the time Selena began dating Justin again, it was claimed that her mum, Mandy Teefey, was not in support of it and this caused a rift between them. But they have resolved their issues now that Bieber is no longer in the picture.

A source told Entertainment Tonight:

Selena’s focus right now is herself, 100 percent. Right now it’s working for her. She’s got new music coming out, she’s been working on some brand campaigns, and most significantly, she’s on better terms with her mother.

Now that he’s out of the picture, Selena and her mom are on better terms. They’ve even collaborated on some 13 Reasons Why stuff.


Although Selena and Justin’s have split again, the source says there’s no bad blood between them.

There’s no bad blood between her and Justin. They will always be incredibly important to each other, but they both know that right now Selena doesn’t have it in her to be in a serious relationship – especially one that causes stress and drama in her life.

The source added that Mandy’s disapproval of their relationship had “nothing” to do with the couple’s decision to end on good terms.

A different source said:

Justin and Selena decided to take a break to give her family some more time to heal and take in the idea of her and Justin being a couple again.

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