Man brings home lovers so ‘lazy’ wife can watch and learn BED skills from them (Photo)

A heartbroken wife in Zimbabwe has come forth with a very uncomfortable situation she is going through at home.

Her abusive husband, 32 year Peter Sibanda, apparently brings all sorts of girls in their house, to have sex in front of her, so that she can “watch live and learn” how other women do it on her bed.

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Peter Sibanda, calls his wife, Grace Nyoni, “lazy” when it comes to sexual performance. He has said he was tired of “boring bedroom sessions”, so decided to bring girlfriends over, so that her wife could observe and “learn some skills.”

He made Nyoni sleep on the floor when he is with other women on the bed.

“He doesn’t want to sleep with me in our bed, instead he prefers coming with girls to our home and says he’s doing me a favour by letting me see how other women are able to please their husbands. I’m no longer enjoying this marriage,” said Nyoni.

Nyoni turned to her mother-in-law, Eunice Sibanda, to tell about the delicate situation, and she got very angry at her son.

 “I told him to stop it because there are diseases out there. I need grandchildren,” Mrs Sibanda commented.

The wife has even admitted Sibanda has forced her to comment which of the girls she considers to be the best, and which tips she learned.

“He forces me to comment on who’s the best among his girlfriends and how many concepts did I master during their act. He also forces me to wash the sheets, preparing for another girl who will come at night,” said Nyoni.

The sleep-around husband has no shame. He is of the view that one day his wife would learn something in all his actions.

Sibanda claims he loves his wife “more than she knows,” adding that he feels he is “not rude to her”. He simply thinks he found this “brilliant method” to teach her on sexuality.

“I love my wife more than she knows. I’m not rude to her but I found that way as a brilliant method of teaching her. If she thought I no longer liked her, I would have let her go long back,” explained Sibanda.

Source-H Metro

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